How one Mayor Pete volunteer learned to stop worrying and love Joe Biden

I rode the subway to Boston’s North Station to meet a Pete Buttigieg volunteer named Dan. This was in January – cold, a pandemic ago. I was all in for Mayor Pete.

Dan and I greeted arriving…

What a Grandfather Can’t Tell You About the World’s Largest Treasure Hunt

I was going to tell you about my summer Geocaching adventure.

But when I shared my plan with a Geocacher who may or may not be male and may or may not be related to me, they were…

Settling in for creative work on Sanibel Island

It doesn’t take much to make me feel at home in a new place. All I need is decent Internet service, a coffee maker, a window with something natural to look at, and a horizontal surface for my gear.

Here on Sanibel…

I’ll begin by locating myself in virtual and real space: In the latter I sit at a desk in a cottage, looking out at the Atlantic Ocean from the coast of Maine. …

My return to Medium after a year’s absence

Today the sun took an hour to climb above a cloud bank beyond the islands. It was low tide. I took a photo from the upper deck of the cottage where we are staying during the pandemic. I won’t say it’s a…

What do these four SXSW panels have in common?

A newcomer could be forgiven for thinking there are at least four different conferences going on this week in Austin, Texas.

This year is my 10th or so trip to South By Southwest, and the other day I let happenstance plus…

A day of canvassing for Jared Golden in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District gives me hope for the future.

My grandson James, 12, and I drove from Old Orchard Beach to Lewiston, Maine, yesterday. Our mission: To help Jared Golden win his bid to represent the state’s 2nd District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We arrived early at 124 Lisbon Street and checked in with Emily Manter, the…

Two very different people last week inspired me to lean into life with rekindled zest

By happenstance, I encountered two very different people last week bringing eerily similar messages.

Gregg Levoy in a workshop last Sunday at Unity Spiritual Center Denver called it passion. Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer in an interview Wednesday called it joie de vivre, which she translated as zest for life.


Sometimes that’s the best you can do in order to keep your writing practice from fading to black

It turns out that writing three posts a week at Medium is tougher than writing five.

The reason seems to be that the more choice a practice offers, the more chances there are for procrastination and a slipping away from the practice itself.

When I was writing five times a…

“Everything I need flows through me,” a friend told me this morning

“Everything I need flows through me,” a friend told me early this morning.

We were on FaceTime, catching up with our lives in Denver and Boston. He said he was trying out that affirmation after watching a documentary about self-help celebrity Tony Robbins. …

Len Edgerly

Host of the weekly Kindle Chronicles podcast

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